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Sometimes when we least expect it, our daily lives are interrupted by legal issues. The things we value can become uncertain. When you face these difficulties it is important to have personalized advice from someone who understands your questions...More

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Our firm conveniently serves the entire Northstate of Shasta, Tehama, and Butte counties. We offer free consultations, where we will evaluate your case and determine what further steps or action are necessary to resolve your legal issues...More

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Sometimes you have no choice and the courtroom is where your legal issue must be resolved. Our firm has the experience to take your case through trial and our understanding of the law maximizes your chances of success...More

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Choosing your legal representation is very important


Trying to handle a legal issue without a lawyer is like playing chess with just the pawn. You'll be over-matched and have limited moves in which to achieve your goals.

Understanding the best way to deal with a dispute, and having a lawyer on your side, can help reduce the problems and increase your chances of success.  As your attorney, our firm will level the playing field.  If you were wronged, going to court may get you the results you deserve. If you are being sued, then you need the best legal defense for your lawsuit.  At the Law Office of Anand “Lucky” Jesrani, we are actively involved in actions that go both to state and federal courts, and before administrative agencies and arbitrators.

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