Former Millionaires and Billionaires facing bankruptcy

These articles prove that even the [former] wealthiest of individuals sometimes require the lifeline provided by bankruptcy protection. And that’s how it should be --- Bankruptcy exists to help ALL people out of otherwise insurmountable financial difficulties; it is a financial vehicle that sometimes must be utilized.  Of course, before deciding to file for bankruptcy protection, all individuals should consider meeting with a qualified bankruptcy attorney like Mr. Jesrani.

Two recent bankruptcy filings by wealthy (formerly) individuals:

- Sports agent who inspired the character in movie “Jerry Maguire” filed for bankruptcy protection for debt ranging from $1 million to $5 million.  Steinberg, who represented NFL stars like Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Ben Roethlisberger, cited his children's health problems, a "forbidden" business transaction from one of his employees, and a former struggle with alcoholism as catalysts for the financial problems.  (

- Famed entrepreneur, Sean Quinn, who was once rated Ireland's richest person was declared bankrupt earlier this month. Quinn had a reported $6 billion in 2007, but sank much of his fortune into Anglo months before the bank — the most aggressive lender to Ireland's construction barons — suffered crippling losses as the country's decade-long property bubble burst. (

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