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A debt-buying company picked the wrong woman to harass, and now it owes her.

I have often blogged about how debt collectors can improperly harass individuals who are unable to pay their debts due to a loss of job or medical reasons.  Here is a fascinating article about a W. Va. Woman who fought back against over zealous Debt Collectors to collect $10 Million in damages.


KCNR Free Fire Radio - Guest Appearance

Attorney Lucky Jesrani, will be a guest on KCNR (1460am) for the Free Fire Radio show with Carl & Linda Bott, tomorrow from 8:00-9:00am. Listen to the live broadcast online by following this link [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE] for the latest on legal issues with KCNR's lawyer of choice.  Or you can listen by tuning to 1460am on your radio. 

How Do You Know If You Need An Estate Plan?

Most people know that they should execute some kind of estate plan eventually, but don’t think that they actually need one right now. On his blogs, Mr. Lucky Jesrani spends a lot of time telling people that they do need an estate plan, and that they need one right now—or as soon as possible! But it’s not always easy for a layperson to know for sure if and when the time is right. Answering the following questions will help you determine when your family may need an estate plan, and if now is the time to take action.

Do you own a house?


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