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Who Will Be Making Your Difficult Healthcare Decisions?

A recent article in the LA Times reminds us of just how important it is to have some kind of living will or advanced healthcare directive, and that it is absolutely necessary to talk about these things with your loved ones. If you have not done these things it is your loved ones who will be left to make the painful and terrible decisions about your medical treatment and possibly even the heart-wrenching DNR determination.


Former Millionaires and Billionaires facing bankruptcy

These articles prove that even the [former] wealthiest of individuals sometimes require the lifeline provided by bankruptcy protection. And that’s how it should be --- Bankruptcy exists to help ALL people out of otherwise insurmountable financial difficulties; it is a financial vehicle that sometimes must be utilized.  Of course, before deciding to file for bankruptcy protection, all individuals should consider meeting with a qualified bankruptcy attorney like Mr. Jesrani.



With the dawn of every New Year comes a slew of new laws that go into effect, the state legislature having passed them the year prior. 2012 is no different as multiple laws in California will change personal liberties and the way we do business.

For better or for worse, nonsensical or justified, every Californian will have to abide by these new laws unless an uproar churns up a voter initiative and succeeds during election season, or it is overturned with a constitutional appeal. The new laws include but are not limited to:


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