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Women and Finances: How Estate Planning Can Help

When it comes to family matters, women are often the head (and sometimes the sole member) of the planning committee. Vacations, dinner parties, school activities and celebrations… many of these wouldn’t happen at all if the women of the family didn’t take the lead.

Estate Planning tends to be no different: Many first phone calls, appointments, and attendance at estate planning or elder law seminars are initiated by women. However, studies suggest that this tendency in women to plan ahead may not apply to financial planning.

A recent article from CBS news suggests that although women are actively involved in family and household finances, they are less likely to be involved in long-term financial decisions. According to the article, although many women “know how to spend and get by on a short term basis… they have a time getting a grip on their long term saving and planning.” Of course this is a generalization, and won’t apply to everyone; but considering the importance of the topic, it is definitely a worthwhile subject for discussion.


The Perils of a DIY Bankruptcy

Federal law guarantees open access to the courts and permits self representation in lawsuits, including bankruptcy proceedings. However, the most important question is not “can you,” but “should you” represent yourself in a bankruptcy case.

Proceeding pro se (Latin meaning “for himself”) in a bankruptcy case is like navigating a mine field while blindfolded. Is it possible to be successful? Sure! Will your bankruptcy case blow up? Probably. Books and internet resources simply cannot substitute for competent legal advice. Below are a few reasons why a pro se bankruptcy is a bad idea:


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